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Traverse City Osteopathic hospital


TCOH Munson Avenue Building


As many of you may know, until the mid-1990s the Osteopathic Hospital sat on the south side of Munson Ave., at the site of today's Munson Community Health Center. But how many of you know that the original TCOH, which opened in 1947, sat on the south east corner of Division and Bay Street?


Today that building is occupied by the Elk's Club. The hospital moved from there to its Munson Ave. location in 1961.


When it opened on Bay Street in 1947, it boasted 30 beds; in 1961, the then-new Munson Ave. facility featured 50 beds and a staff of 20 physicians. By its 30th anniversary in 1977, it had 83 beds, more than 40 physicians on staff and 289 employees. In the 1990s, TCOH merged with Munson Medical Center.

MMC is celebrated its 100th Anniversary back in 2015. It has nearly 400 beds, a medical staff of 420 physicians and employs over 3,500 people.

- Peg Siciliano

TCOH Bay Street Building

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